Active 20-30 Club of Ukiah #78

The Active 20-30 Club of Ukiah # 78 is a local chapter of an international service organization for men and women in their 20′s and 30′s who have a passion for improving the lives of local underprivileged children, and want to have fun while doing it!  This service group offers opportunities to develop leadership for young adults and help at-risk children in the community. Learn more about what we do, when we meet, who we are, and how you can be involved.  More questions?  Visit our Facebook page or contact us today!





Eagle Peak Color Blast 2014

Eagle Peak Color Blast

Active 20-30 Club of Ukiah #78 Members after volunteering at the Eagle Peak Color Blast

Active 20-30 Club of Ukiah #78 Members after volunteering at the Eagle Peak Color Blast

In May 2014, Active 20-30 Club of Ukiah #78 Members volunteered at the Eagle Peak Color Blast 5k Run/Walk.  The event was the first annual event to support the Eagle Peak Middle School PTO. PTO supports the classroom, Students, and Staff.


For more information, visit their website.

Backpacks for Back to School

Backpacks for Back to School

Backpacks for Back to School

Active 20-30 Club of Ukiah #78 with recipients for Backpacks for Back to School at Yokayo School.

500 Backpacks donated to Ukiah Children


500 children in the Ukiah Unified School district will start the year with new back packs donated by the Active 20-30 Club of Ukiah #78. On August 19, 2014 members of the club distributed the packs to Calpella, Frank Zeek, Grace Hudson, Nokomis, Oak Manor, Yokayo, Eagle Peak, Pomolita, South Valley High, and Ukiah High School. Each school will determine which children are most in need of a backpack this year and distribute them accordingly.


The new club raised more than $2,000 to provide this service for children in Ukiah. Funds for the packs came from two fundraisers: a Halloween Party in October 2013 and a St. Patrick’s Day pub crawl in March 2014. Both of these activities are slated to become annual events for the community.


Thanks to all who helped raise the money and drop off the backs!


One way to help our club’s mission is knowing what we do and sharing it with your friends. Please sign up for our newsletter to get the latest, greatest news from our organization and stay involved. We won’t sell you information to anyone and you can unsubscribe at anytime. Thanks!


Election Night

After a delicious pot-luck meal and spirited speeches, the club voted on leadership positions. Congratulations to our new officers.

The results are:

President: Brian Bunt

President-Elect: Ivan Panteleon

Vice-President: Ashley Downing

Communications Director: Mo Mulheren

Treasurer: Alexander Rich

Board Members: Carolina Maturana & Alysia Barnes

See position descriptions from our bylaws.


Should my boss pay my Active 20-30 Club membership fees?

Should my boss pay my Active 20-30 Club membership fees?

It’s worth a conversation. The value of an annual membership far exceeds the price for a boss who wants engaged, informed employees in tune with the community.  Asking for your boss to be engaged with your service club means you are interested in professional development, community involvement, and are committed to the growth of Ukiah.

Active 20-30 Club members lead, learn new skill sets, and become invested in the community while making it a better place. This is exactly the type of person a company wants working for them. Employers don’t always have the resources for specialty training or pricey conferences, but by either paying for a portion of, or an entire Active 20-30 Club membership, employers get all that and more.

If you feel nervous about talking with your boss, keep in mind that learning to talk to your employer is an important skill in itself. You’ll also be raising awareness for the club to major decision makers.

Here are some talking points to help you get the conversation going.

  • I’ll build a valuable network. Imagine yourself in a room with young leaders – locally, regionally, and globally. You shake hands with a fellow member visiting from Santa Rosa and it turns out, he just moved here from Chile and is looking to invest in Mendocino Wine. The next day, you’ve connected your boss with a mutually beneficial connection and beat the competition to the punch.
  • I’ll share new and efficient ideas, tools, and resources to work with me. With so much information out there, it’s hard to know what new resources are worth a company’s time. By bringing together a group of curious and driven people, you’ll always know the next coolest thing, compared to the next waste of time.
  • I’ll help our organization stay relevant. Each meeting and activity starts off with individual introductions, including announcing one’s job title and company. If you want your company’s name heard by large groups of people regularly, an Active 20-30 Club membership is a great idea.
  • I’ll be a bridge between business and community. Building business and community go hand in hand and you can’t have one without the other. Mutually beneficial relationships between the two can improve income and quality of life for all.
  • If I pay by December 5, I will be a founding member. Being a founding member is a rare and revered opportunity. It means rather than joining a club, you personally helped create it. This comes with a special recognition and respect at national and international conventions and the opportunity is never repeated for that chapter.
  • I’ll pay for half? I know times are tough right now for us both. Let’s both put some skin in the game, invest in this opportunity, and see if it doesn’t result in positive outcomes for our company.

See a template letter you can send your employer.

Membership Applications:




Bylaws: Active 20-30 Club of Ukiah #78 

PDF of Bylaws


‘We, the members of Active 20-30 U. S. and Canada realizing the great good and many advantages that can come from an association of young women and men and through such an association we can contribute to the betterment and welfare of our prospective communities and of our fellow citizens. Through our efforts to help others we will develop character within ourselves, become better citizens, and learn to live and appreciate a fuller, richer life, do ordain and establish this set of bylaws for Active 20-30 Club of Ukiah #78.’


Name and Address

Section 1. Name: The name of the organization shall be Active 20-30 Club of Ukiah #78.

Section 2. Location: This organization shall have an address of Active 20-30 Club of Ukiah # 78.  P.O. Box 631, Ukiah CA 95482.



The objectives of this organization shall be:

1. To develop members, by precept and example, into a more intelligent, dynamic and serviceable citizenship, and to create in them a desire to participate actively in civic and welfare work in their respective communities.

2. To create in every member a personal desire for knowledge and self-improvement, and to develop trust, friendship, and understanding between members in their professional and social activities.

3. To provide a practical means of forming enduring friendships and good will among members in their communities, their country, and throughout the world.

4. To hold and promote entertainment, instructions, programs, and social gatherings in and for the furtherance of the purpose of “Active 20-30 U.S. and Canada”.


Emblem, Mission Statement, Motto, Colors and Official Language

Section 1. Emblem: The emblem shall be an insignia with a Buzz Saw encircling an hourglass and inscribed “Active 20-30 International”.

Section 2. Mission Statement: The mission statement shall be “Providing young adults with an opportunity for personal growth, friendship and leadership development while improving the quality of life for the special needs children in our community”.

Section 3. Motto: The motto shall be Youth, to be served, must serve”.

Section 4. Slogan: The slogan shall be “One never stands so tall as when kneeling to help a child”.

Section 5. Colors: The official colors shall be Red, Blue, and Gold.


Membership in Active 20-30 Club of Ukiah #78

Section 1. Classes of Membership: Membership in Active 20-30 Club of Ukiah #78 shall be limited to Active, Honorary, Past Active, and Past Active Life.

(a) Active: Active members shall be persons who are at least Twenty (20) years of age and have not reached their fortieth (40th) birthday, are of good moral character, and are willing and ready to participate in club activities. Each prospective Active member shall file an application with the Active 20-30 Club of Ukiah #78 board of directors for review. Each prospective member must have attended a combination of three (3) club activities, including at least one (1) club business meeting, and one (1) club social meeting. Upon completion of these requirements, a new member application will be taken to the Board for approval. With a quorum being present, two thirds (2/3) vote will be necessary for approval.

(b) Honorary: Honorary membership will be conferred to any person for meritorious service to the club, community, or nation. They shall pay no dues but shall enjoy the privileges of the club, except that of voting, holding office, or having an interest in the property of the club.  The proposed Honorary Member’s name will be submitted to the Membership Committee.  Upon approval of the Membership Committee, the Membership Chair will submit the name to the Membership for approval. With a quorum being present, two thirds (2/3) vote will be necessary for approval.

(c) Past Active: Members who have reached the age of forty (40) and have served the club for at least one (1) year will be considered “Past Active” at the end of the year that they turned forty (40). (This classification is on a club level only.) If said members hold office, they will fulfill their office if they turn forty (40) during the term. No dues will be collected after a member turns forty (40) but she/he will still be eligible to receive club newsletters.

(d) Past Active Life: Past Active Life Membership will be purchased by the club for all members who have fulfilled one of the following:

1. A minimum of seven (7) years service at the club level

2. Served as President of the Club

3. Died prior to fulfilling either requirement above but distinguished themselves in serving their Club, community and Association during membership.

The National Association, upon the club’s request, confers Past Active Life. A fee paid by the member’s club to be set from time to time by the National Board of Directors is required for Past Active Life Membership. The Past Active Life member is entitled to a Past Active Life pin, membership certificate, newsletter, and other literature regularly mailed to active members. Past Active Life members must be recommended by the club and shall not have any rights to vote or hold office.

Section 2. Payment of Dues: Dues of this club will be set annually and paid semi-annually. Members will be considered in “good standing” if they have paid one hundred percent (100%) of the first dues payment by January 1 and the second dues payment by June 1. Members must have a minimum of the national dues on account by June 15 or their national membership will not be renewed.  New members will have a one-time dues payment set annually and due upon joining the club.

Section 3. Resignation: Any member of any classification may resign from membership at any time to be effective upon presentation of written notice thereof to the Membership Committee of the club.

If for any reason the President resigns, the President-Elect would then be sworn in as President. A new President-Elect would then be elected.

Section 4. Termination: The membership of any member may be terminated at any time by the club or National Association for failure to comply with the bylaws of this club or the National Association.

Section 5. Forfeiture Upon Termination:  Any member whose membership in the club has been terminated in any manner shall forfeit all interest in any funds or other property belonging to the club, and all right to use of the club name, emblem or other insignia.

Section 6. Age Waiver: Members elected to office before reaching the age limit set forth in Section 1 will continue to be Active members until they complete the term of office to which they were elected and/or to which they automatically succeed or might have to fill at the end of the elected term.

Section 7. Attendance: Each Active member is expected to attend a minimum of 60% of the meetings and events held by this club each year.

All Officers and Directors are expected to attend all club meetings and events. If for some reason an Officer/Director is unable to attend it is his/her responsibility to contact the President no less than twenty-four (24) hours before the meeting and/or event. Attendance will be taken at each meeting and it shall be the member’s responsibility to make sure to check in before each meeting. At the end of each calendar year, the club will have an attendance award for the member with the fewest absences.

Section 8. Absences: Each member who is absent for three (3) consecutive meetings and fails to contact the President within three (3) weeks to explain the absence will be subject to termination from this club by two thirds (2/3) majority vote by the Board of Directors.

Officers and Directors who are absent for two (2) consecutive meetings and/or club functions and fail to contact the President before the next regular meeting with an explanation of their absences will be considered for removal from office. A two thirds (2/3) majority vote of members present at said meeting will remove the Officer/Director from office. Appointment of a replacement will be done in accordance with Article 7, Section 5 (Appointment of Officers).

Members not present at a meeting because they are attending a visitation to another club or are out on official club business will be counted as present.

Section 9. Transfers: If any active member transfers from this club, his/her new club shall be entitled to any unused dues. Neither membership nor initiation fee shall be charged to a transferred member who makes application to such club for membership by transfer.

Section 10. Leave of Absence: Any member wishing for a leave of absence from this club shall make application to the club’s Board of Directors. It is up to the discretion of each Board member whether or not leave should be granted and for how long.



Section 1. Penny-A-Day Can: The club will pass around a Penny-A-Day can at each meeting to be tallied by the club treasurer. Funds raised will be donated at convention to the hosting club for its chosen charity.

Section 2: Children’s Foundation: Proceeds from each fundraiser will be dedicated to this fund. Monies from this account will directly benefit hands-on events and donations to children in need as determined by the board of directors.

Section 3: Operations Account: These funds will be generated by club dues and paid

volunteer opportunities.  They will be used to maintain club expenses, such as, but not limited to: club insurance, P.O. Box fees and web hosting.

Section 4: Fines: Generated at each meeting, not to exceed $5 per person per meeting unless otherwise indicated by the club president or a baby night (see below). These funds will be utilized at the President’s discretion to cover the cost of board meetings, awards and other miscellaneous expenses not covered by the operations account.

A) Baby night fines will be collected and counted by the club treasurer the night of the meeting and a check will be issued to the parent(s) for the amount of fines collected. Fines will not exceed $20 on these nights. The parent(s) must return to the next meeting with receipt confirming they have matched and opened a savings account with the funds collected.

Section 5: Convention Fund: At each meeting the appointed board member will provide the raffle. Raffle proceeds will be allocated to the convention fund. Following each convention, the fund will be shared equally among the members who attended the convention and the Annual General Meeting bell to bell.

Section 6: Finances:  General authority is delegated to the President, President-Elect, Immediate Past President and Treasurer to issue checks on the club’s bank accounts, to open accounts, to borrow money and pledge club assets as security therefor, and to enter into any and all financial transactions on behalf of the club as may be authorized by the Board of Directors.  Any disbursement of the club’s funds in excess of $500.00 shall require the approval of at least 2 of the above-named officers.


Elected Offices

Section 1. Board of Directors: The officers of this club will consist of the Immediate Past President, President, President-Elect, Vice President, Treasurer, Communications Director, and one (1) Board Member for every ten (10) active members with a minimum of two (2) Board Members.

A) Immediate Past President – maintain communications with Past Active and Past Active Life members.

B) President – shall be responsible for general supervision of club affairs, presiding over all general and board meetings, notify members and board of all meeting times and locations, prepare agendas for all meetings, attend at least 75% of club events and functions, maintain communication with other clubs, act as a delegate for all National and International meetings.  If unable to attend such a meeting, she/he must designate a delegate. Become Immediate Past President upon the end of his/her term.

C) President-Elect – shall preside over general and/or board meetings in President’s absence.  Be responsible for prospective members and sponsors. Keep contact information for all prospective members, update prospective members on requirements for membership and provide them with necessary paperwork. Run the Youth Benevolent Fund.  Attend at least 75% of club events and fundraisers.  Become President immediately upon the end of his/her term.

D) Vice President – shall preside over general and/or board meetings in the President and President-Elect’s absences.  Serve as point of contact for meeting venues. Schedule speakers from local organizations for club interest.  Check the club post office box at least twice per month.

E) Communications Director – shall keep board-meeting minutes and post approved minutes. Be responsible for the production of a monthly newsletter to be submitted to the active membership and national office with contributions of current and past active members. Maintain public relations including but not limited to press releases before and/or after club events.  Must also keep records of any motions set forth by club members and record nominations and election results. Communications Director will also maintain club roster, attendance, and visitation attendance to present at the end of the year for awards.

F) Treasurer – shall be responsible for keeping record of all monies in and out. Keep copies of receipts for a minimum of three (3) year. Record all membership dues and provide invoice to members. Provide treasurer’s report at each board and business meeting and as required by President. Present to at least two (2) Board Members approval for any reimbursement checks. Provide reports to national office as needed. File tax returns. Pay club bills.  Maintain club insurance. Also responsible for tracking fines and Penny-A-Day can monies.

G) Board member – is responsible for communicating with his/her constituents about club happenings and updates from board meetings. The President shall also appoint one board member per month to be responsible for collecting, displaying and selling tickets for the club raffle.

Section 2. Powers: The power of the Board of Directors and the manner of appeal from its decision will be such as described in these bylaws.

Section 3. Meetings: Meetings of the Board of Directors will be held at least once a month, on dates set by the President, and at such times when items are referred to the Board, the President requests such a meeting, or if two (2) members of the Board request such a meeting. If at any time such a meeting is needed, it may be held via phone with at least three (3) members of said Board, not including the President, agreeing to the item discussed. An agenda for said meetings will be provided and presented by the President.

A) A joint board meeting will be held with the incoming and outgoing board after installation of officers and before the next general meeting.

Section 4. Quorum: A majority of the voting power, two thirds (2/3) Board of Directors, will form a quorum for the transaction of business at any meeting of the Board.

Section 5. Voting: The President will have voting authority only in the case of a tie.

Section 6. Compensation:  The officers shall serve without compensation.



Section 1. Nominations: At the regular meeting two (2) weeks before Election Night, time will be allotted for nominations from the floor for candidates for each office. Candidates must be in good standing as described in Article 4, Section 2 and classified as an Active Member as described in Article 4, Section 1a. The general membership will nominate candidates for President-Elect, Vice President, Treasurer, Communications Director, and Directors.

Section 2. Election of Officers: The names of all candidates duly nominated according to Article 7, Section 1 with their consent will be placed on a secret ballot and voted upon at the completion of Election Night events. The club’s past president(s) in attendance will count the votes and report to the President. In the absence of past president(s) the club President and Communications Director will count the votes. The candidates for President-Elect, Vice-President, and Communications Director having received the most votes cast in each respective race will be considered elected to their respective offices. The candidates for Director that receive the most votes cast will be considered elected Directors.

Section 3. Terms of Office: All Officers and Directors will serve a term of six (6) months or until their successors are elected or appointed and qualified.

Section 3. Election Scheduling: Elections will be held semi-annually; once in winter, once in summer.  Election dates will be set by a vote of the Board of Directors.

Section 4. Installations: The Officers and Directors so elected will be installed in office at an installation meeting, which is to be held within thirty (30) days of the Election Night. All Officers and Directors will assume their respective duties at the next regular meeting.

Section 5. Appointment of Officers: Officers or Directors that have resigned or have been removed from office according to these bylaws will have a replacement appointed by the Board of Directors. Upon a majority vote of the Board, said appointee will be presented for confirmation by the membership at the first meeting following appointment.

Confirmation of said appointee requires a majority vote of the members with at least a quorum present. Upon confirmation, said appointee will be immediately installed into the vacant Officer or Director position and will assume the respective duties assigned to the position. Should the members fail to confirm the Board’s appointee nominations will be taken from the floor and the nominee receiving a two thirds (2/3) vote will then be immediately installed into the vacant Officer or Director position and will then assume the respective duties of said position.

Section 6. Attendance Requirements: Any member running for an elected office must meet the following requirements: Active member for a minimum of three (3) months, dues paid in full and a minimum of 60% attendance.

Section 7. Voting Rights: Each Active Member in good standing that is present at the meeting shall be entitled to one vote at any meeting of the Members.  At no time will proxy voting be allowed. Absentee voting may be allowed with advance permission of the President and President-Elect at least 72 hours in advance.



Section 1. Regular Meetings: Meetings of this club will be held twice a month as set by the President (or majority vote of membership) in Ukiah, California at a time and place established by the membership by a majority vote of the members at a regular business meeting. Should any scheduled meeting date fall upon a holiday or should there be good or sufficient reason for holding any meeting at a special time or a special date, the Board of Directors may designate another date and time.  The President or President-Elect must provide at least one day’s notice before such meeting.

Section 2. Quorum: Two thirds (2/3) of Active Members in good standing will form a quorum for the transaction of business at any meeting.

Section 3. Voting: The business of this club will be conducted via voice vote except elections of Officers and Directors; which will be held by ballot. If three members make a request, a vote by secret ballot will be taken on any matter coming before the club. It will be the duty of the Communications Director and Treasurer to tally such votes.

Section 4. Mandatory Events: Every member is required to attend election night.  Election night absences will be considered two missed meetings; while attendance will count as two meetings attended.



Section 1. By Laws: These Bylaws may be amended at any special meeting by a majority two thirds (2/3) vote of those members actually present. The individuals suggesting an amendment must provide all members currently on the roster with notice of the intended amendment no less than thirty (30) days before said meeting.

Section 2. Resolutions: All matters not covered in the bylaws of this club, which deal with the operation, control, or direction of this club will be accomplished by resolution duly passed by a majority of the members of the Board of Directors at any Board meeting. Each such resolution so passed will be read at the next regular meeting of the club. Each such resolution will become an operating regulation of the club unless a majority of the members present at the regular business meeting at which said resolution is read will vote that it is rescinded.


Convention Expenses

Section 1. Budget permitting, the President will have her/his expenses paid to include

registration fees and accommodations for the National Convention (travel cost not inclusive) up to $250.00. The club will also pay half of the convention registration for the President-Elect. If President and/or President-Elect are unable to attend, the order in which priority will be given for payment of expenses will be as follows: Vice President, Communications Director, elected Board Members, and the Immediate Past-President. (The Board will meet before the National Convention registration due date to decide the maximum amount of money to be spent on President and President-Elect convention expenses.)

The convention attendee is required to attend the Annual General Meeting bell to bell and one (1) seminar (if there are any offered) in order to receive reimbursement from the club for the registration fee and accommodations. The attendee will give the club a report on the AGM and seminar that was attended. It will be at the discretion of the Board if for some reason the money will need to be paid up front.



Section 1. All members who purchase items for events and/or club functions must submit a request for reimbursement to the Treasurer by the day of the event. These receipts may not be used toward the member’s dues and or fines. All chairpersons must submit a reimbursement form to the Treasurer within thirty (30) days of the event. The reimbursement form will then go to the Board for final approval at its first (1st) meeting of the month. The checks will then be distributed within fourteen (14) business days.



The most senior Past President, in attendance, of the Club shall have such duties as usually pertain to that office.

Club Customs

1. Be at the meeting on time, not 5 or 10 minutes late.

2. Make sure there are no empty seats between members.

3. Make sure you are sitting next to a visiting Active 20-30ian if any are present.

4. Wear your name badge AND pin at every meeting.

5. When introducing yourself give your full name and club position.

6. When you have a guest, always introduce your guest first with his/her full name and


7. Greet and introduce yourself to guests prior to the start of the meeting.

8. The President at the beginning of the meeting will appoint a member to lead the Pledge of Allegiance, a brass, and a dodo.

9. The Pennies-A-Day can will be passed around at the beginning of each meeting. So, be sure to donate your change to the pot which will benefit the chosen charity of the National Convention host.

10. The maximum fine in one evening is $5; $20 if it’s a baby night.

11. Any interruption will result in a fine (i.e. arriving late, phone call, texting, leaving)

12. Pay your bills promptly!

13. When a fine is incurred you are expected to pay the pot tender immediately.

14. A member is responsible for the actions of his/her guest and must pay any fines she/he incurs.

15. Any member not attending a mandatory event shall be fined a minimum of $10 over and above at the next meeting.

16. Volunteer for any and all contemplated projects. New members should participate in every event possible.

17. Attempting to steal the bell, banner and/or gavel may not be done until the meeting is called to order.

18. An unsuccessful attempt to steal the bell, banner and/or gavel will result in a fine.

19. Do not be afraid to express your opinions, concerns and/or complaints. However, give credit where due.

20. Give courtesy to anyone having the floor. All talking and horseplay should cease upon the formal meeting.

21. Know club bylaws.



Make a Difference Day

The Active 20-30 Club of Ukiah participated in Make a Difference Day on October 26, 2013.

The day included two events – a garden clean up and a community sign cleaning – and was a collaborative effort with volunteers from North Coast Opportunities, Active 20-30 Club, Toastmasters, Kiwanis, the Soroptimists, Foodcorps, and AmeriCorps VISTA.

See photos from the Garden’s Project on Flickr.

The day’s activities were publicized on the front page of the Ukiah Daily Journal’s Sunday edition, “Making a Difference.”


Nokomis School Garden


Community Sign





Free Children’s Health Fair

On October 6, 2013, The Active 20-30 Club of Ukiah #78 volunteered at the Wild About Health, Free Children’s Health Fair, attended by over 500 families. We had a photo-booth and helped the Soroptimists of Ukiah run their bike rodeo.  The event helped give away over 300 bike helmets and our club took over ninety photos. See the photos here on the Active 20-30 Club Facebook. The title sponsors of the event are the  Ukiah Valley Medical Center and our bank, Savings Bank of Mendocino County.


Lorianne Salazar, Jessica Beckstrom, and Rob Beckstrom running the bicycle rodeo for the Soroptimist International of Ukiah.

The mission of the free Children’s Health Fair at the Alex Rorabaugh Center is to increase the health and safety of children in the community through free health screenings, a bike safety course, and other fun activities for children 0-12.


Jensen Henderson, Daniel Ledford, Alysia Barnes, and Lorianne Salazar running the photo-booth morning shift.

The Free Children’s Health Fair at the Alex Rorabaugh Center is made possible through a coalition of community groups and companies. The largest sponsors and main organizers are Ukiah Valley Medical Center and Savings Bank of Mendocino County. A coalition of community coordinators include Boys & Girls Club of Ukiah, FIRST 5 Mendocino, Healthy Kids Mendocino, Mendocino Community Health Clinic, Mendocino College Nursing, North Coast Opportunities, Redwood Children’s Services, Shriners Hospital, Soroptimist International of Ukiah, Ukiah Unified School District and Ukiah Valley Rural Health Clinic.


Mo Mulheren, Carolina Maturana-Monroy, and Sergio Fuentes during an afternoon shift at the photo-booth.

Active 20-30 First Annual Halloween Party

Active 20-30 First Annual Halloween Party

Age 21 to 120!!! (If you are older than 120, you get in for free!!!!)

Something fun for the grown ups to do for Halloween in Ukiah. Who doesn’t love getting dressed up in Halloween costumes? Prizes will be awarded!

Special hotel rate for those attending, plus you get into the party for free if you stay at the newly refurbished Discovery Inn Ukiah. Call Mo for details! 707-462-6636

Facebook RSVP here First Annual Ukiah Halloween Costume Party.